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15 Nov 2010

典型的错误就是Could not find generator xxx ,只能指望作者修改或者自己造轮子,这里发一个常用且在rails3里报错的


原版 https://github.com/technoweenie/restful-authentication

修正 https://github.com/satish/restful-authentication

另:现在普遍不推荐使用这个插件了,I think Restful Authentication itself is not so nice. We have better plugins/gem to use. Tried auth-logic or devise?

除非一些历史遗留问题,Sure, there are much better plugins/gems/engines for new app development, but if you want to drag a Rails 2 app kicking and screaming into the Rails 3 world, you NEED this plugin updated, because it was the defacto standard for auth for a long time (in Rails time).

Research 2014年以前 スーパーマリオ 关于