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06 May 2009
用电脑模拟windows mobile 6

If you want to see how windows mobile applications work but don’t have a PDA well here’s how you use it without a PDA and run it on your PC.(意淫啊,呵呵呵)

1. Download Microsoft Device Emulator [Click here to download]

2. Install and run “Register Device Emulator” from the Microsoft Device Emulator Preview Start menu

3. Download and install Virtual Machine Network Driver (VMNet). Since its not available for direct download now you will have to download and install Virtual PC which includes the VM network driver.

[Virtual PC 2007 Download Page]

4. Download and install Active Sync.

[Microsoft Active Sync Download Page]

5. Download either Windows Mobile 6 or Mobile 5 images

For Mobile 6:

Standard images are for smartphones and professional for NS Basic/CE. There are several images in different languages, choose what you want.

[Windows Mobile 6 Download Page]


For Mobile 5:

Download the efp.msi which is at the bottom of the download page. You will also need active sync installed to connect to Windows Mobile 5. You will also have to install Virtual Machine Network Driver (VMNet) before running the Windows mobile 5 setup.

[Windows Mobile 5 Download Page]


6. Now that its installed you only have to run it. (the rest of this post is written assuming you have installed Win Mobile 6)

7. You should be able to start up a  Windows Mobile device by navigating to Start Menu->Programs->Windows Mobile 6 SDK->Standalone Emulator Images->US English

8. To run applications or tryout Internet browsing navigate Device Emulator Manager, and under Available Emulatorsexpand “DataStore“, right-click the device you are running and select Cradle. Now your virtual device should try to connect with your host computer using Microsoft ActiveSync.

转自 http://dotnetwizard.net/</div> </div> </div> </div> </div>

Research 2014年以前 スーパーマリオ 关于