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Research 2014年以前 スーパーマリオ 关于

05 Oct 2020


1.Product. Create a single tangible item or entity, then sell and deliver it for more than what it cost to make.







2.Service. Provide help or assistance, then charge a fee for the benefits rendered.


李想以前有个总结很有意思,truecar和汽车之家模式有什么区别? “一个是自己拥有大量稳定土地(具备购买力的用户流量)的商业地产公司,一个是在各个楼盘前面摆地摊(到处买流量,自己不具备什么流量)的商贩。评价一个平台公司,本质就是看它的“土地”的 数量质量,土地的数量质量体现了收入的潜力。土地的获取成本(媒体和互动是获取土地的高效手段),体现了利润率的潜力。至于商业模式,很多企业除了不停的变变名词,实质上不会有太大的差别。”

3.Shared Resource. Create a durable asset that can be used by many people, then charge for access.


The following export product groups represent the highest dollar value in Russian global shipments during 2019. Also shown is the percentage share each export category represents in terms of overall exports from Russia.

Mineral fuels including oil: US$220.8 billion (52.2% of total exports) Iron, steel: $18.1 billion (4.3%) Gems, precious metals: $15.3 billion (3.6%)

from http://www.worldstopexports.com/russias-top-10-exports/

4.Subscription. Offer a benefit on an ongoing basis, and charge a recurring fee.

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5.Resale. Acquire an asset from a wholesaler, then sell that asset to a retail buyer at a higher price.

6.Lease. Acquire an asset, then allow another person to use that asset for a predefined amount of time in exchange for a fee.

7.Agency. Market and sell an asset or service you don’t own on behalf of a third party, then collect a percentage of the transaction price as a fee.


8.Audience Aggregation. Get the attention of a group of people with certain characteristics, then sell access in the form of advertising to another business looking to reach that audience.

9.Loan. Lend a certain amount of money, then collect payments over a predefined period of time equal to the original loan plus a predefined interest rate.


10.Option. Offer the ability to take a predefined action for a fixed period of time in exchange for a fee.

11.Insurance. Take on the risk of some specific bad thing happening to the policy holder in exchange for a predefined series of payments, then pay out claims only when the bad thing actually happens.

12.Capital. Purchase an ownership stake in a business, then collect a corresponding portion of the profit as a one-time payout or ongoing dividend.


Research 2014年以前 スーパーマリオ 关于